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Posted: 20/12/2017

Outreach recommends...

Outreach recommend using the DEFRA Water Rescue Module 3 Skills maintenance guidelines as the mirror system for Rope Rescue Technician continuation training. This demonstrates awareness and compliance with a peer reviewed and well-established guidance document which is seen as best practice in a closely related rescue training discipline. Refresher and sustainability; Activity Based Training Quarterly recorded activity based training should cover the following subjects; - Donning, doffing and care of Rope Rescue PPE Work @ Height Guidance and best practice Application of personal safety systems (Fall arrest, Work restraint and Work positioning) Rigging and using anchor systems Rigging and using belay and lowering systems Refresher Training Each operator should demonstrate competence against each learning outcome at least once every three years. This may take the form of a full course renewal and/or skills based assessment, under the supervision and tutorship of appropriately competent trainers. Skill sustainability training It is recommended that personnel spend a minimum of one day per annum, as a team, at a suitable rope rescue training venue, under the supervision and tutorship of appropriately competent trainers. The venue should be suitable for all appropriate technical aspects of Rope Rescue Technician training to be carried out safely and effectively. Skills to be refreshed shall include: - Anchor and belay management Raise and Lower of rescue loads Cableway and Stretcher familiarisation Rope Ascent and descent In situations where the above cannot be achieved, attendance on a 3-day refresher programme is recommended on or around the 2-year anniversary of initial training.

Outeach recommends

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