Our Bariatric Rescue and Recovery programme has been designed to meet the operational challenges faced by those involved in the transportation and movement of bariatric casualties.

The programme has evolved over the last few years and now incorporates much of the equipment and procedural developments that have come about with the increasing demand for this service.

We have worked with many  medical and rescue personnel involved in this discipline and have put together a full and interactive two day programme.

Simulations of problems typically found in dwellings are undertaken, we convert parts of our training complex into under stairs toilets, bathrooms, narrow stairwells, tight corners and much more. Emphasis is placed on medical considerations and transportation issues with examples how the best result can be achieved in any situation.

A full range of equipment and techniques are demonstrated covering all types of evacuation.

Structural issues surrounding strength of floors, stairs and anchors are covered, with the opportunity to incorporate load cells into exercises to illustrate the discussions.

All our training is relevant to the operational requirements of responding services and will often look at what can be achieved in less than optimum circumstances.

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Bariatric Rescue and Recovery

Days:  2
Code:  YBCE

Course:  £440
Course with food and Accommodation: £525

Dates & prices

Tues 5th Feb - Wed 6th Feb

Thurs 28 Feb - Fri 1 March 2019

Tues 5th March - Wed 6th March

Thurs 25 April - Fri 26 April 2019