Water fillable suit a game changer for bariatric training

Ruth Lee have been manufacturing rescue training manikins for over 30 years and in that time have established some great partnerships with their customers.

As well as providing feedback, their customers help test new products, which is an essential element of product development. Through learning from their expertise of rescue training, Ruth Lee have been able to develop a range of training manikins which are well-suited to specific, specialist training scenarios.

Outreach Rescue, have been instrumental in the design and development of a number their rescue training manikins. Our reputation in the field of specialist rescue training is highly-regarded across the country (and also across the world, with many international visitors attending our residential programmes).

From our base in North Wales we provide a wide variety of training courses. Set in 34 acres our site includes outstanding facilities for simulating rescues and with Snowdonia on their doorstep, we have an impressive array of water and technical rescue locations on our doorstep. Outreach also works with a number of approved centres across the country to provide training.

Recently the team at Outreach assisted with the testing of our Water-fillable Bariatric Suit. Ruth Lee were aware that bariatric training requirements were increasing and wanted to give customers a solution where just one person could set up the training scenario.

The Water-fillable Bariatric suit can convert an adult Duty manikin into a bariatric using water.  This kit allows one trainer to position the manikin in a difficult access location (such as the high cab of an articulated lorry for example) and then add up to 150kg of additional weight using a hosepipe.

Outreach were so impressed with the equipment that we purchased the first suit. We have used this kit in various scenarios, including within a hospital environment where they have helped train emergency evacuation procedures for bariatric patients undergoing surgery.

“Your Water-Bariatric suit is a game changer for bariatric training. We have rigged exercises where they could not previously be set up. It has been a massive eye opener for some as to the reality of the situations they may be faced with. It is not possible to have a 'suitable and sufficient' rescue or evacuation plan, if you have not tried it and trained it.”

Said Tony Emsley
Managing Director at Outreach Rescue

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