This course allows rope rescue supervisors to progress to the teaching role required to introduce personnel to work at height and basic rope rescue systems and equipment care as taught on the Level One programme.

The course provides students with the opportunity to re-accredit their existing Rope Rescue Instructor Qualifications. It gives the student opportunity to prove they have maintained CPD by delivering course content linked to our Rope Rescue Operator Training programme. The students will be required to deliver practical and theoretical sessions, demonstrate training inline with current legislation and produce risk assessments, lesson plans and rescue plans from the operators syllabus. The students will also demonstrate assessment of practical and theoretical skills against measured criteria. The course is assessed by production of documentation, Q&A and observation.


Required Skills

Proven technical knowledge of equipment and rescue systems used in the rope rescue operators course. The ability to problem solve and resolve any safety issues that may develop during training, including the development and implementation of rescue plans if required during training . Be able to deliver, manage training in a safe manner and within the legislative requirements for working at height. Be able to assess students to a measured criteria and create development programmes for students deemed "not yet competent". Develop Risk Assessments for activities and sites and work within the scope of the risk assessments. Create and deliver realistic training scenarios to meet learning outcomes.





Course Certification
& Coventry University

There are options on successful completion of this course to register it towards a Coventry University Diploma / Certificate in Specialist Rescue or contribution towards other higher education awards.

Further information will be provided at commencement of the course.

To obtain a full module descriptor in advance visit the below website and navigate to: CU Portal » Module Information Directory » Business, Environment and Society » Geography, Environmental Science and Disaster Management » Get Modules. Then click on 285GED for full diploma module information or 208GED for a Certificate module.

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Rope Rescue Level One Insrtuctor skills training

Days  - 3

Code - YRISA/R

Course - £670

Course with food and Accommodation - £810

Dates & prices

Wed 9 Jan - Fri 11 Jan 2019  
Mon 18 March - 20 Wed March 2019
Mon 15 April - Wed 17 April 2019
Mon 10 June - Wed 12 June 2019
Mon 29 July - Wed 31 July 2019
Wed 28 Aug - Fri 30 Aug 2019
Mon 16 Sept - Wed 18 Sept 2019
Mon 21 Oct - Wed 23 Oct 2019
Mon 9 Dec - Wed 11 Dec 2019