This course enables those responsible for overseeing rescue operations to develop a comprehensive overview of the risks, skills, regulations and legislation influencing specialist rescue in a variety of different physical environments.

Students are introduced to all legislative and best practice requirements for working in height, confined space and water environments to help them to gain a clear understanding of incidents they may be called on to supervise as part of their duties.


Essential Reading

The Outreach Specialist Rescue Technical Knowledge and its Application for Middle Managers Course Manual and notes are considered as essential reading for successful completion of the course, and will be provided for you.

Course Certification
& Coventry University

There are options on successful completion of this course to register it towards a Coventry University Diploma / Certificate in Specialist Rescue (subject to an additional assignment) or contribution towards other higher education awards. Further information will be provided at commencement of the course.

To obtain a full module descriptor in advance visit the below website and navigate to: CU Portal » Module Information Directory » Business, Environment and Society » Geography, Environmental Science and Disaster Management » Get Modules. Then click on 282GED for full diploma module information or 284GED for a Certificate module.

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Specialist Rescue: Technical Knowledge for Middle Managers

Days:  4

Course: £710
Course with food and accommodation: £890

Dates & prices

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