The Emergency services in the UK respond to an ever increasing frequency of major flood events. Incident managers have to adapt generic major emergency procedures to specialised flood rescue response. 

During these emergencies effective and safe operational decision-making depends upon a thorough understanding of existing flood rescue procedures and an ability to work closely with partner agencies. Emergency managers need a broad set of skills to meet these challenges to ensure a high degree of operational assurance.

The Water Incident Management course meets the requirements of the DEFRA Module 5 Water Incident Manager training competence. Using a combination of teaching methods including case studies and desk-top exercises, students are provided with an extensive framework of knowledge to safely and effectively manage all levels of water and flood emergency.

Although primarily aimed at Tactical (Silver) command level, the training can be tailored to Operational or Strategic levels in a multi-agency response.

The benefits include:

  • Improved major emergency management at tactical level

  • Improved ability to work with partners

  • Improved interoperability during flood emergencies

  • Improved ability to develop effective response plans for flooding

  • Improved command decision making leading to safer, more effective flood and water incident management.

 This training is ideally suited for delivery at your own premises. However, courses are delivered at Outreach - see below for current available dates.


Pre-Course Reading

1. DEFRA Flood rescue concept of operating is an essential element of this training.

2. Fire Rescue Service National Operational Guidance for Water and Flooding

3. RNLI Flood Rescue Implementation 2017 
> Download PDF

4. RNLI Flood Safety 2017
> Download PDF


Course Certification
& Coventry University

There are options on successful completion of this course to register it towards a Coventry University Diploma / Certificate in Specialist Rescue or contribution towards other higher education awards.

Further information will be provided at commencement of the course.

To obtain a full module descriptor in advance visit the below website and navigate to: CU Portal » Module Information Directory » Business, Environment and Society » Geography, Environmental Science and Disaster Management » Get Modules. Then click on 226GED for full diploma module information or 227GED for half-module.

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Water Incident Management

Days:  3

Code:  YFIM

Course:  £680+VAT
Course with food and accommodation:  £820+VAT

Dates & prices

Tue 23 Oct - Thur 25 Oct 2018

Mon 25 March - Wed 27 March 2019

Mon 16 Dec - Wed 18 Dec 2019