Outreach has been providing rescue and safety training for over 25 years. Our philosophy has always been that time spent in the early stages of skills development is time well spent – we have never subscribed to the “Fast Track” school of thinking.

Our Emergency Service customers have some unique problems to contend with. Specialist rescue skills are still relatively new and not something that is “Core “ in the sense of being called upon daily, weekly or even monthly. The result of this is, inevitably, a degree of skills fade that has to be countered through regular consolidation training and development. A solid base of initial training also helps here. Having an understanding of why things are done provides a base to build on that reduces the impact of skill fade.

Our facilities and high quality water venues / conditions allow us to develop skills during our courses to a high level. It is the time spent on the difficult edge transition, in the complex water conditions or with a deteriorating casualty that makes for a good rescue team member and is the reason that many of our courses are timetabled at a day or so longer than some other providers.

Practice and repetition of skills in initial training is of immense importance and pays dividends later.