Adam Cave, Isle of wight f&rs

The way knowledge from all students and instructors was brought into the debriefs,
passing information.

Peter Owens, Cheshire f&rs

The practical sessions on the water, the knowledge of the instructors and the chance to get things wrong and have them explained why and how.

Dean Williams, nhs

Practical on the job training. Different types of rescue making use of what kit is available. Actual rescue exercises.

C Parrington, Mersey f&rs

Tabletop exercise-helped develop confidence in being involved at flood incident. Accommodation excellent and instructors delivery style.

Ken Hughes, Leicestershire frs

Excellent tuition style. chance to try various techniques with a variety of equipment. challenging environment for training.

Daryl toogood, SCAS hart

The training received by Outreach has been better than we have received from other organisations in the past and has left candidates feeling far more confident in their role and knowledge gained.


John Bennett, SECAMB HART

Relaxed atmosphere and fun approach which allowed learning with a good pace. Good offsite venues and great food.

Steve Conway, Cambridgeshire fire & rescue

Great course, moving skills on from previous knowledge and rope courses. Good to know that you can contact Outreach for help and technical knowledge when designing courses and equipment etc.

Paul Owen, Norfolk f&rs

Good teaching styles, answered questions honestly and listened to the experiences of the students.

terry Webb, rnli

Very positive and useful two days of flood training to support CPD and experience.

Shaun challis, West Sussex

A fantastic course , well balanced amount of theory input, practical time in the water and opportunity to teach others and gain feedback.

Richard thwaites, Dorset & Wiltshire f&rs

Practical application of equipment, knowledgeable instructors and instruction set to ‘fire fighter’ level.

jon watts, gloucestershire f&rs

Very pleased with everything on this course. Probably one of the best I have attended. Great balance of learning and knowledge in a fun manner. Very professional.

Michael dunning, south Yorkshire F&RS

Without a shadow of a doubt the best and most useful course I’ve been on in my 19 year fire service career!


OUTREACH Instructors

Paul Hill, NHS

This is the second course which I have attended with Andy, and I would like to say he is an excellent tutor and made the course very engaging and enjoyable.

Keith Hayes, Waterford F&RS

Mac has an excellent broad knowledge of the subject matter. He ensured we had practical working solutions to incident/casualty handling within a confined space. I really enjoyed the course and learning new skills. thank you Mac!!

 m. wilkinson, DWFRS

Once again, thank you George and Ollie and the whole team at Outreach. always look forward to being here. fantastic time-learned loads of good stuff-thank you.

Barry Hodges, Cambridgeshire

Excellent as always, superb knowledge and ability to impart information.

Chris Wilkinson, EEAS HART

Really enjoyed the course, content and set up was spot on and it met all of my needs.  Ollie and Andy really contributed to my enjoyment of this course Chris Wilkinson EEAS HART

Ryan Thomas, Royal Berkshire F&RS

This really has been a great week. I have learned so much. The instructors have been excellent.

Steven lock, Westmids F&RS

Ollie, as a new member of staff, has fitted in well with centre ethos and is clearly a very competent instructor and will be an asset to Outreach.

Raz Prince, South Wales

Excellent teaching style backed up with knowledge and experience.

Phil Webb, West Midlands

Excellent instruction thanks.  I now have a much better understanding of the subject than before.

Steven Young, Lothian & Borders

Just had one day with Tony but it was the most informative day I’ve ever had.

Andy Smith, HART Team

Knowledgeable, approachable, safe, reliable.


Paul Kingdom, CDDFRS

Excellent course from start to finish. Catering staff were very impressive. Keep up the good work

Sam Martin, London ambulance

Many thanks all, once again good course, great surroundings and informal staff.

Saxon Cronin Garrod

Food was awesome, thanks Chris!!


Richard Gerrard, Cheshire Fire

Excellent instructors, fantastic food

Michael Smith, Petans

The chef accommodated my dietary requirements to and excellent standards and with a minimum of fuss.